Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans: “I Am Disappointed Right Now In Our Community”

At the July 7th, Special Flagstaff City Council Meeting, Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans told the crowd that she was “disappointed right now in our community” because the community showed up to oppose development of City owned affordable housing on the iconic Schultz Meadow. You can watch the entire statement here:


Evans Returns Illegal Corporate Campaign Donations

Flagstaff City Council member and current Mayoral candidate Coral Evans was challenged this week on her recent campaign finance report filing for accepting donations from a corporation and an LLC. A.R.S. strictly prohibits candidates from accepting money from corporations, LLCs and unions.

It has now been confirmed by the City Clerk that Evans did in fact accept illegal corporate donations for her Mayoral campaign. Reportedly, she has returned the donations and will be filing an amended report with the City.

There is no word yet on if the stiff penalties in the A.R.S will be applied to this case or not.

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Local Politicians Closely Connected To Alleged Flagstaff Heroin Dealer

Flagstaff City Councilwoman Eva Putzova has taken up the cause of Frankie Madrid, a local activist accused of selling heroin and illegally possessing a handgun who is facing deportation to Mexico. She has started a Go Fund Me account for Madrid’s legal fees and so far has collected around $3,000 from 80 donors.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports that “according to the police report, a backpack on the floor of the car he (Madrid) was in contained $700, drug paraphernalia, prescription opiates, heroin and a receipt with Madrid’s name on it. Police also found an unloaded gun in the front passenger seat…”  

Frankie Madrid has been an active participant in many local political causes including the campaigns of Flagstaff Councilmembers Coral Evans, Eva Putzova, and Celia Barotz as well as CD1 Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign.

Donations to Putzova’s Go Fund Me page include a $25 donation from Flagstaff Unified School District Board Member Sarah Ells and a $50 donation from Coconino County Recorder Patty Hansen.

A full list of donors can be found here:





Coral Evans Holding Hub Meeting Friday

Flagstaff Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Coral Evans will be holding a meeting to discuss the Hub on Friday, April 1st at White Dove at 2:00 PM. According to an invite sent out by Evans, there are issues with City staff that she would like to discuss. The text of her invite is as follows:

“I invite you to attend a meeting that I am hosting at the White Dove Coffee this Friday at 2pm to discuss the HUB issue. I think that there is a lot of information that has been provided to the public by other elected officials that is NOT correct, I also think that many people think that the picture that was shown (HUB 2.0) is something that can be built (that is not correct as it does not meet the city’s development and design standards) also there is an issue with the staff interpretation of the transcet code that is at the heart of the entire issue. I will be discussing all of this this Friday at 2pm at White Dove on 7th Ave. Thank you.”

Opinion: Coral Evans Should Lead By Example

Flagstaff Mayoral candidate Coral Evans is running a progressive campaign based on being “responsive and respective of what Flagstaff residents want.” Unfortunately, rhetoric and reality are not always the same. As issues are highlighted on the campaign trail we find that Evans has an alarming double standard of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.

Here are just a few examples:

A strong advocate for Arizona’s proposed $12 living wage, Evans only pays her employees $8.05 an hour.

As a driving force behind Flagstaff’s new party ordinance, Evans attends huge block parties without a permit and gets upset when the cops show up.

While condemning gentrification in older neighborhoods, Evans has pushed a property maintenance ordinance intended to bring property values up and force low income neighborhoods to meet her standards of clean.

Often complaining about the State and other government entities telling Flagstaff how to run its business, Evans has voted on resolutions telling other cities how she wants them to run their business.

A good leader practices what they preach. Evans has shown that she will champion one thing and do another. While what she says may be right on target, she has provided us with example after example of concerning actions. These actions lead to a lack of trust and confidence.

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Flagstaff Mayoral Candidate Coral Evans

Evans Suggests Passing Gun Laws That Already Exist To Stop College Shootings

Flagstaff City Councilperson Coral Evans joined the chorus of politicians and media politicizing last night’s NAU shooting by asking on Facebook:

“How is it possible for an 18 year old freshman to legally have a gun on campus?”

If Evans had listened to the police press conference this morning, she would have known that unless a firearm is locked away in a vehicle, guns are not allowed on the Northern Arizona University campus.

You can ban guns anywhere you want but that won’t stop criminals from bringing them in.

Coral Evans

Statement by Flagstaff Councilmember Coral Evans. (Click photo)

More Living Wage Hypocrisy In Flagstaff

The battle to bring living wage legislation to Flagstaff has been brewing for quite some time and two of the key players advocating for a mandatory living wage have been Friends Of Flagstaff’s Future and Flagstaff City Councilperson Coral Evans.

So you can imagine my surprise when I came across a post by Coral Evans on the Friends Of Flagstaff’s Future facebook page advertising a part time minimum wage job without benefits for a local business that Evans is involved with.

Working on legislation to force a mandatory $15 to $25 an hour starting wage, while at the same time only paying your own employees $8.05 an hour, is inconsistent and speaks volumes about the do as I say, not as I do mentality.

Leading by example gives credibility to any argument and if you can’t do that then stop telling other people how to run their businesses. Bottom line, put your money where your mouth is.

friends closed group

Coral Evans has fought hard for a living wage in Flagstaff but you wouldn’t know it by the job offer in the screen shot posted above (click photo).