Flagstaff Groups Propose Sales Tax Hike

Flagstaff’s seemingly endless appetite for new and higher taxes has a new contender slated for the November 7, 2018 ballot. This most recent tax proposal is a 1/8 cent sales tax hike on purchases in the City, with revenue going to fund community parks and sports facilities as well as acquire open space within the City limits. If approved by voters, Flagstaff’s sales tax rate will jump to around 9% (higher if BBB tax applies) in January 2019.

Citizens and local groups are beginning to line up behind this proposed tax with votes of support by the City’s Open Spaces and Sustainability commissions coming up in the next few weeks. Supporters of the tax hike say that if it is approved by voters it will help protect water quality, forests and provide alternatives to gangs and drugs for teens.

Book Review: The Apache Wars by Paul Andrew Hutton

As a big fan of historical work focused on the Southwest during this era, I highly anticipated spending some time with Apache Wars by Paul Andrew Hutton. I was not disappointed. Well researched and full of newly uncovered information on events and characters critical to the Apache wars, I was hooked from page one. This is by far the best book in recent years covering Southwestern American history. 5 Stars.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Book Review: Wellth by Jason Wachob

The cleverly titled Wellth by Jason Wachob looks past the author’s troubles and tribulations of being a millionaire and tries to focus on what he considers to be true wellth…going beyond money and material things. Sadly, it is disjointed and painful to read.

While this book does have some interesting insights sprinkled throughout, all too often it gets bogged down in self indulgent stories and pretentiousness. One is left wondering if this a self-help book or an autobiography? I’m still not sure.

Some gems do exist but you have to sift through a lot of sediment to get to them. I did not feel very “well” after reading this.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Book Review: Portrait Revolution by Julia L. Kay

Exploring a vast array of mediums used by artists to create portraits, Julia L. Kay provides a fresh new look at the age old subject in her newest book Portrait Revolution. While much more of an idea book, than a “how to” book, there are tons of tips and pointers to go along with the portraits. Whether you’re looking for the conventional to the creative, you can find it all within these pages.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Book Review: All These Wonders

There seems to be an unwritten rule in modern literature that essentially says anything written, endorsed, or foreworded by Neil Gaiman is must read material. All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing The Unknown, forewarded by Neil Gaiman and Edited by Catherine Burns is no exception.

This large collection of short essays is all about taking risks, courage and bravery. Whether it is stepping out of a box, facing one’s biggest fears or making a split decision to do the right thing when the odds are not good, it’s all in these pages. And when reading these great feats of bravery, the reader feels a spark of courage being lit deep inside. It’s time to take on the unknown.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Book Review: How To Pack by Hitha Palepu

These days there is a self help book for everything and this month’s newest self help pocket guide, How To Pack by Hitha Palepu, covers the “should be easy but can be a real pain” issue of packing for trips. For a small guide, there is a lot of information and tips in these pages (even if it is very basic) covering everything from choosing luggage to setting up a packing timeline. This is the perfect gift for the young adult in your life setting out to explore the world.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Book Review: The Inkblots By Damion Searls

In the Inkblots by Damion Searls, art and science collide as the author explores the life and times of one of psychology’s most fascinating and unusual people, Hermann Rorschach.  Influenced by the greats like Freud and Jung, Rorschach has become himself one of the most influential personalities in modern psychology and medicine and is still leaving his mark today, long after his death.  This is a non-stop page turning biography that you will find hard to put down.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.