OPINION: Please Stop! An Open Letter To Council

Mayor Evans and Council Members,

It is with a heavy heart I find myself “penning” this letter to you this morning. I hate to gripe. I hate to complain. In fact, before the recent election, I never really did. It creates stress, can lead to premature aging, and can cause a whole host of health problems. However, the propositions and decisions made by yourselves are causing much stress to not only myself, but many, many other citizens in our city.

Last night’s council meeting was just the latest in a long line of utter mockery of our town. Allowing sign to be placed anywhere and everywhere? City ID cards? Smoking bans? Good grief! This mayor and council are passing laws left and right with absolutely no regard for what is good, or right, for our city!

First… the sign code. I know last year, the Supreme Court ruled that it was all or nothing in regards to placing signs in public right of way around cities. The previous mayor and council voted to have nothing, which helps keep our city looking clean and inviting. Why you all chose to reverse that and allow everything, effectively opening the flood gates for posting signs anywhere on public property and creating eye sores and an outright danger to drivers, is beyond me!

Second… City ID cards. I’m sorry, but pushing these to allow ILLEGAL immigrants to “come out of the shadows” is positively ludicrous. Illegal is illegal. Period. If i break the law, I get punished. I know there are those in City Hall who think laws are merely suggestions, but I digress. LEGAL citizens of the United States have drivers licenses, which are more than sufficient to pick up packages at the post office or open bank accounts. A city ID card? Really? Why not order serial numbers tattooed on everyone’s forearms, issue armbands, and pass out bread coupons? Yes, I went there, because THAT is how this mayor and council’s thinking is progressing.

Third… the smoking ban. Let me begin by saying that I find tobacco use utterly repulsive. Never have I tried ANY of it, nor will I . Banning smoking in public parks is a great move, and for that I applaud you! However, the notion that smokeless tobacco should be banned, as well at Eva Putzova’s idea that smoking in private residences (homes) should be banned are hogwash. First, who all does smokeless tobacco harm? The user and the person who happens to be kissing them. That’s about it. Why should this even be a concern to the average person? It’s not harming anyone else, so just leave it alone. Second, Eva Putzova’s notion that the council can dictate what people do in their private homes is nothing short of Nazi. Under NO circumstances can the city tell me, or any homeowner, what they can or cannot do inside their homes. Period. The fact that she even thought this was ok is very, VERY scary. She needs to be impeached for not only this, but attacking speakers for using the word “illegal”. Unprofessional, unethical, and an abomination and embarrassment to the City of Flagstaff.

The behaviors of our elected leaders are making Flagstaff the laughing stock of Arizona. It seems to me, and countless others, you all have forgotten that you are REPRESENTATIVES and not LEADERS. You were put in your respective offices by the People to do the will of the People and NOT whatever you want. With that said, I’m asking… begging you to please, PLEASE STOP! Our city is suffering greatly already, and your actions are only causing more.

Thank you for your time.



Flagstaff Groups Propose Sales Tax Hike

Flagstaff’s seemingly endless appetite for new and higher taxes has a new contender slated for the November 7, 2018 ballot. This most recent tax proposal is a 1/8 cent sales tax hike on purchases in the City, with revenue going to fund community parks and sports facilities as well as acquire open space within the City limits. If approved by voters, Flagstaff’s sales tax rate will jump to around 9% (higher if BBB tax applies) in January 2019.

Citizens and local groups are beginning to line up behind this proposed tax with votes of support by the City’s Open Spaces and Sustainability commissions coming up in the next few weeks. Supporters of the tax hike say that if it is approved by voters it will help protect water quality, forests and provide alternatives to gangs and drugs for teens.