76% of Flagstaff voters Support A Special Election To Amend Wage Hike

Contact: Elevate Flagstaff
Email: info@elevateflagstaff.com

76% of Flagstaff voters support a Special Election to amend wage hike

Today Elevate Flagstaff, the campaign leading the effort to amend Prop 414 released a poll showing overwhelming support for a special election. This poll comes after they turned in nearly 9,000 signatures from Flagstaff voters in favor of the Sustainable Wages Act.

The poll also confirms that Flagstaff residents continue to hear about the negative consequences of Prop 414 and 73% believe the City Council should grant a special election in May to amend it.

The poll also found that even though 50% initially voted in favor of Prop 414, only 18% believe it has had a positive impact on our local economy while 47% see a negative impact.

Debra Maya from Elevate Flagstaff states, “It’s not surprising to see undeniable support from Flagstaff voters who want to amend Prop 414 before it harms our local economy. The negative unintended consequences have been brutally hard on small businesses, low wage workers and those caring for our developmentally disabled. We cannot ignore the nearly 9,000 residents who want to amend Prop 414 with the Sustainable Wages Act, and I urge City Council to take action and allow the Special Election in May before it further harms our community.”

For complete poll results click here.

This poll was commissioned by Elevate Flagstaff and performed by Data Orbital, LLC. It was conducted telephonically January 29-30, 2017 with 350 respondents. The margin of error is 5.19%.


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