During Punching Incident, Flagstaff Officer Forgot To Turn Body Camera On

The Flagstaff Police Department released a statement tonight saying that the police officer seen punching a woman in the face on footage captured by a bystander’s camera, did not have his own police body camera turned on during the altercation. The media release by Flag PD says the officer had his camera on while arriving on the scene, turned it off before making contact with the suspect, and then turned it back on after the suspect had been punched and was in handcuffs. The media release reads as follows:

“Flagstaff Police Department- MEDIA RELEASE

The Flagstaff Police Department has created a web page at http://fpdtransparency.com. The site is now up and able to be accessed. This site contains Officer Bonar’s report, body camera footage, pertinent policies, and media releases. It is noted that Office Bonar initially activated his camera when he arrived. He deactivates his camera once he is told by the deputies that his assistance is no longer needed and he is in the process of getting into his car. He then notices Ms. Morris and makes contact with her. He does not immediately activate his camera upon initial contact as the contact quickly escalated. Officer Bonar does activate his camera once Ms. Morris is placed in handcuffs. Officer Bonar’s failure to activate the camera prior to the incident will also be addressed during the internal affairs investigation into his actions on November 16, 2016.”

This is not the first time the Flagstaff Police Department has forgotten to turn on body cameras or had the cameras fail. During a recent shooting that killed an unarmed suspect, the Flagstaff Police Department had three officers either forget to turn their cameras on or had their cameras malfunction. That press release can be found here:



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