Book Review: Rogue Justice The Making Of The Security State

It is unusual to find a member of the Council on Foreign Relations arguing for the Bill of Rights and Constitutional protections against government overreach but that just so happens to be the case with Rogue Justice: The Making Of The Security State by Karen J. Greenberg.

Highly praised by groups such as the ACLU, Greenberg uses the pages of Rogue Justice to document the Federal Government’s unconstitutional reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. With facts and footnotes, she shows how Attorney General John Ashcroft promised Congress and the American people that the government would not abuse the new powers provided to them by the Patriot Act. Sadly, Ashcroft and his backers selling security to the American people knew that there would be no real restraint. Every American would be a potential target of the rogue security state.

Warrantless searches, indefinite detention, the concept of guilt until proven innocent, and NSA spying (a complete loss of privacy for the American people) was the result of these new post 9/11 policies. And we are still continuing down the slippery slope to dystopia. While many thought the Obama Administration would reverse the police state in America, Obama has only continued in the footsteps of Bush and has fought for even more aggressive surveillance and targeted killings.

Until we get back to constitutional constraints on government, things will only continue to worsen. Greenberg has laid out the problems in clear explicit detail. It is up to the American People to elect leaders who will refuse to barter the freedom and liberty our nation was founded on for the sake of security.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



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