Local Politicians Closely Connected To Alleged Flagstaff Heroin Dealer

Flagstaff City Councilwoman Eva Putzova has taken up the cause of Frankie Madrid, a local activist accused of selling heroin and illegally possessing a handgun who is facing deportation to Mexico. She has started a Go Fund Me account for Madrid’s legal fees and so far has collected around $3,000 from 80 donors.

The Arizona Daily Sun reports that “according to the police report, a backpack on the floor of the car he (Madrid) was in contained $700, drug paraphernalia, prescription opiates, heroin and a receipt with Madrid’s name on it. Police also found an unloaded gun in the front passenger seat…”  

Frankie Madrid has been an active participant in many local political causes including the campaigns of Flagstaff Councilmembers Coral Evans, Eva Putzova, and Celia Barotz as well as CD1 Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign.

Donations to Putzova’s Go Fund Me page include a $25 donation from Flagstaff Unified School District Board Member Sarah Ells and a $50 donation from Coconino County Recorder Patty Hansen.

A full list of donors can be found here:






3 thoughts on “Local Politicians Closely Connected To Alleged Flagstaff Heroin Dealer

  1. This post takes the entire article out of context. For example, if you had quoted the entire sentence regarding the gun it would read ” Police also found an unloaded gun in the front passenger seat map pocket, though another occupant claimed ownership.” The gun was not his. Also if you are going to mention how Frankie ended up in this situation, how about you go ahead and tell the whole story. This post is an egregious misrepresentation of both the intentions of Ms. Putzova and the donors.

    • Ummm, if you had actually read the Daily Sun article you would have seen that he is being charged for having the gun. Here’s the quote:

      “The police charged Madrid with possession of narcotic drugs for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia and carrying a weapon in the commission of a felony crime.”

    • well shoot, in that case, i think its appropriate for a councilmember to be raising funds for a local heroin dealer, thanks so much for clearing that up.

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