Opinion: Coral Evans Should Lead By Example

Flagstaff Mayoral candidate Coral Evans is running a progressive campaign based on being “responsive and respective of what Flagstaff residents want.” Unfortunately, rhetoric and reality are not always the same. As issues are highlighted on the campaign trail we find that Evans has an alarming double standard of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.

Here are just a few examples:

A strong advocate for Arizona’s proposed $12 living wage, Evans only pays her employees $8.05 an hour.

As a driving force behind Flagstaff’s new party ordinance, Evans attends huge block parties without a permit and gets upset when the cops show up.

While condemning gentrification in older neighborhoods, Evans has pushed a property maintenance ordinance intended to bring property values up and force low income neighborhoods to meet her standards of clean.

Often complaining about the State and other government entities telling Flagstaff how to run its business, Evans has voted on resolutions telling other cities how she wants them to run their business.

A good leader practices what they preach. Evans has shown that she will champion one thing and do another. While what she says may be right on target, she has provided us with example after example of concerning actions. These actions lead to a lack of trust and confidence.

coral evans_thumb

Flagstaff Mayoral Candidate Coral Evans


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