Book Review: The Water Saving Garden

People often forget that Flagstaff, Arizona is not just a mountain community, it is a high desert with limited water. Driving around town you will find lawns and gardens that were planted without realizing how precious and finite this critical resource is. Living in a desert, along with the unknowns that go along with a changing climate, it is time to seriously consider other options that use a lot less water.

The Water Saving Garden by Pam Penick is the perfect volume to flip through while preparing for this spring’s planting season. What plants use the least water? What soil is best for water conservation? How can you create the illusion of water in a garden? All of these questions are addressed with the focus being on both flower and vegetable gardening.

Dozens of photos illustrating garden ideas and plant selection are included. No matter how big or small your yard or gardening plans, you will find a wealth of information in this book. Each chapter will help you create a landscape that is both productive and environmentally friendly.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



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