Book Review: The Bee Friendly Garden

I was thrilled to come across The Bee-friendly Garden by Kate Frey a few days after my local town of Flagstaff, Arizona legalized backyard beekeeping. Bees are a critical element in many ecosystems and are an essential part of beautiful and delicious gardens. I am excited to start planning this spring’s garden with bees in mind.

The Bee-friendly garden is a beautiful volume filled with full color photos and lots of text explaining how to create a garden that supports biodiversity.¬† The emphasis, of course, is on choosing plants that foster and nurture bees…which will in turn increase the quality and flavor of your harvest.

The final chapter diverges a little from gardening and discusses bee activism. We live at a time when bees are dying off for any number of reasons and protecting and promoting a healthy bee population is a necessity. Starting a bee-friendly garden in your yard is a great first step.

I highly recommend this title for anyone in the process of planning this year’s garden. A few minor changes can have a huge impact, not just for the quality of your harvest but for the environment as a whole. 5 stars.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



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