Tacos: Recipes And Provocations

Continuing a recent and very positive trend in books related to cooking, Tacos: Recipes and Provocations by Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothman takes a food niche and expounds upon it to the extreme, giving us a whole new perspective and appreciation. Good cookbooks these days are not longer just a collection of recipes and ingredients. They take time to focus on the fine details of raising, growing, gathering and even building everything needed.

As I was reading this book, a friend looked over my shoulder and asked why in the world a book about tacos would have photos of a guy digging a hole in the ground. “Because he’s making an earth pib to cook a pig for his tacos, of course”, was my reply. We had a good laugh but the truth is, these detours are what makes this book and others like it so fresh and exciting. This is what makes cooking fun.

Of course, this book also includes all the information you would need and expect for making some great tacos in your kitchen and the quantity and variety of ideas here will keep me busy for a very long time. I think we’ll be having tacos for dinner tonight.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



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