Putzova Politicizes NAU Shooting As Police Calm Fears Of Random Attack

Never one to pass up an opportunity to make a political point, Flagstaff Councilmember Eva Putzova wasted no time Friday as she called for more gun control in the wake of an NAU shooting where one student was killed and three injured.

Her statement came as NAU police reminded residents that this incident was the result of a fight between students and not a random mass shooting like the recent Community College attack in Oregon.

Putzova’s statement reads as follows:

“I would like to say the unthinkable happened in Flagstaff. But I can’t. I’m shaken but not shocked. It was predictable, it was a matter of time when one of more than 300 million guns in the country would be used on the Northern Arizona University campus, leaving one dead, three injured, and many families devastated. I thank all who provide comfort and support to the Flagstaff community in this difficult time.

But prayers and condolences can’t be enough anymore. They may bring temporary relief, but we need more. How many times are we willing to witness this? We need to follow up with action and advocate for sensible gun laws. We did not act yesterday, we must not waste another day.”

Eva Putzova Gun Control


2 thoughts on “Putzova Politicizes NAU Shooting As Police Calm Fears Of Random Attack

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