NAU Students File Petition To Have Flag Council Revisit Party Ordinance

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Earlier this week NAU students filed a petition at the Flagstaff City Clerk’s office with several hundred signatures calling for the Flagstaff City Council to reconsider their recently approved party ordinance. While the City Charter currently only requires one signature on a FAIR (Future Agenda Item Request), students wanted to send a strong message that many people in Flagstaff have concerns and those concerns need to be addressed.

Students are especially frustrated that while this ordinance was written with them in mind, they were never invited to the table when police wrote the ordinance. And worse, the Flagstaff City Council passed it in May when most students were gone for break and had no opportunity to voice their opinions.

Rather than call for a full repeal of the ordinance, the petition asks the Flagstaff City Council to consider the following:

1. -Raise the number of persons who constitute a party back to 15.

2. -Specifically mention that campus sanctioned events, such as club events, socials, and philanthropy events, will not be targeted.

3. -Remove all mentions of citations for indirect disturbances to the peace and safety of the public.

4. -Lower the probationary period back to 90 days.

5. -Clearly define what criminal activity one must commit to receive a ticket for a party ordinance violation.

Council has 30 days to put this request on an agenda for consideration. October 6th is the tentative date for a Council discussion.


NAU students collect petition signatures against Flagstaff’s party ordinance on campus in their push to get council to reconsider (click photo to enlarge).