Out Of State Donation Bins Take Money From Flagstaff Nonprofits

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Donation bins claiming to support a variety of causes including the Childhood Disease Research Foundation are springing up around Flagstaff and local nonprofits are not happy. The sketchy organizations are putting their receptacles on private property, often without permission, and thrift stores around Flagstaff are claiming that these bins are causing a deep reduction in the number of donations they receive.

A while back the Newport Beach Patch did a story on these bins and according to their research only 10% of the proceeds go to charity, and that charity is possibly a Canadian for profit company. Much more on that can be found here:


If you care about keeping revenue made from your donations in the community to help your friends and neighbors, it is very important to know who you are donating to. A little research before you give goes a long way.


A donation bin for the Childhood Disease Research Foundation at the Flagstaff Mall near the East Side Goodwill.


One thought on “Out Of State Donation Bins Take Money From Flagstaff Nonprofits

  1. On the other hand, look carefully at where your money goes when you do donate “locally” – some of the these larger companies are getting millions (yes, millions) of dollars worth of local donations and selling them. Typically, these “local” nonprofits do not pay sales tax nor do they have to pay property taxes; they pay just barely above minimum wage (how many $15 an hour jobs are at Goodwill, for example, or at Savers?); how many of our “friends” do they really employ; and most importantly – where is this money going within the community? Goodwill used to help employ people with disabilities – not any more – their so called “mission” changed; how much of a percentage at Savers goes back to the kids in the community; and yes, there are smaller places in town but who scrutinizes what they ‘give back’ to the community? There needs to be more transparency in this whole process but Flagstaff – like most communities – wants a feel-good solution to have a place other than a landfill to take their post-yard sale stuff. Maybe these questions should be asked before we start knocking some company from out of town who may or may not be as equally unscrupulous.

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