Book Review: Rooted In Design by Tara Heibel & Tassy deGive

The giant moss covered picture thingy on the wall is what grabbed my attention when I first saw the cover of Rooted In Design by Tara Heibel & Tassy DeGive. This guide to indoor planting promised to be very unique and creative and I was hoping to find some unusual ideas to possibly try out.

A quick glance through was a little underwhelming as a lot of typical potted plant ideas and unappealing suggestions (indoor climbing vines) were explored. But on closer observation, this book has some real hidden gems.

Recycled art like electric meter planters make for clever conversation pieces and are a fascinating way to grow plants indoors. Aquatic terrariums offer the opportunity to try your hand at plants that you wouldn’t ordinarily grow. Grouped terrariums can provide a cool science lab atmosphere.

Overall, this book has some decent suggestions for the indoor plant enthusiast but it fails to live up to its full potential. If you happen to find this for a discounted price it is worth picking up but otherwise, there are better books out there on the topic to spend your hard earned money on.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



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