FLA Opposes Overreaching Nuisance Party Ordinance

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance strongly opposes the overreaching nuisance party ordinance currently before the Flagstaff City Council. We believe that this law is far too broad and criminalizes people for nothing more than associating with others. Rather than going after individuals who cause problems, this ordinance cracks down on everyone even remotely involved, from property owners to tenants to all event attendees. By simply being at a location where the police are called, every individual present may be fined $250 for a first offense. Any gathering of 5 or more people at a residential or commercial property is subject to this law.

Ordinance language lists noise and littering among the enforceable offenses but says that it is not limited to these things. In other words, the law is purposefully vague and police can come up with other reasons to enforce it if they so desire. This is very concerning to us and we feel it could lead to selective enforcement and undue harassment of certain locations and groups.

There are already laws on the books to deal with noise, disturbing the peace, drunk in public and other offenses. This law infringes on the civil liberties of our residents and visitors and the basic right to assemble. We urge the Flagstaff City Council to vote NO on the final read of this ordinance.