Book Review: The River Cottage Booze Handbook by John Wright

The River Cottage franchise has put out book after book on do it yourself farming and food projects. In their most recent endeavor, The River Cottage Booze Handbook, they rely on the expertise of author and radio show host John Wright to take on the fascinating and wonderful art of home brewing.

Beer, wine, cider, and harder alcohols are all discussed as are where and how to find the right natural ingredients for that perfect flavor. The science and chemistry of fermentation are also talked about at length  with stories and humor about the craft sprinkled throughout.

Most importantly, this book is full of detailed recipes for just about everything imaginable. Organized by seasons, these recipes tell you exactly when and how to start making your brew while still leaving lots of room for tweaking the flavor to your desired taste.

One look through these pages and you will be thirsty.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



FLA Opposes Overreaching Nuisance Party Ordinance

Flagstaff Liberty Alliance strongly opposes the overreaching nuisance party ordinance currently before the Flagstaff City Council. We believe that this law is far too broad and criminalizes people for nothing more than associating with others. Rather than going after individuals who cause problems, this ordinance cracks down on everyone even remotely involved, from property owners to tenants to all event attendees. By simply being at a location where the police are called, every individual present may be fined $250 for a first offense. Any gathering of 5 or more people at a residential or commercial property is subject to this law.

Ordinance language lists noise and littering among the enforceable offenses but says that it is not limited to these things. In other words, the law is purposefully vague and police can come up with other reasons to enforce it if they so desire. This is very concerning to us and we feel it could lead to selective enforcement and undue harassment of certain locations and groups.

There are already laws on the books to deal with noise, disturbing the peace, drunk in public and other offenses. This law infringes on the civil liberties of our residents and visitors and the basic right to assemble. We urge the Flagstaff City Council to vote NO on the final read of this ordinance.

Book Review: Infuse Oil, Spirit, Water by Eric Prum & Josh Williams

Ten years in the making, Infuse, by Eric Prum & Josh Williams pushes the limits of the definition and offers recipe after recipe of extracted compounds. Whether it is standard infused party drinks or category bending Sriracha and honey soaked popcorn, this book has it all.

Most appealing about this title is the crisp full color photographs of all the ingredients. A good illustration is worth a thousand words. With a few simple tools anyone can get started and it won’t be long before you are enjoying an unlimited variety of delicious flavors.

This book promises to be a welcome addition to any kitchen bookshelf. One that you will be proud to show your guests and share with your friends.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.