Book Review: The Art Of Work By Jeff Goins

Finding your place in work and life is the primary focus of Jeff Goins newest book The Art Of Work. We all have moments when we wonder if what we are doing with our life is what we were meant to be doing. Finding that fulfillment is a challenge that we all must strive for as individuals. Unfortunately, this is difficult because we live in a society where people all too often see work as a robotic action and never fully realize the potential and satisfaction that work has to offer.

Accidental apprenticeships, building bridges and taking time out to give your life an objective look are just a few of the topics discussed. One chapter delves into a biographical look at Samuel Adams and his struggles and failures before realizing his great potential as one of America’s founding fathers.

Using real life stories and examples, Goins produces a heartfelt reference that should appeal to all walks of life. While it hints at coming from a religious perspective, it is much more than that. For anyone looking for direction in their occupation, this is an inspiring work that is destined to become a classic.

BookLook Bloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.



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