Book Review: Suicide Pact by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

In Suicide Pact, the newest book by Andrew P. Napolitano, the Judge focuses his attention on the dangerous expansion of power in the executive branch. The Constitution separated powers and instituted checks and balances for a reason. The power grabs by presidents over the years have been blatant and have led to diminished liberties for us all.

While this book could have been an easy attack on the Obama administration, Napolitano resists. Being the balanced historian and Constitutional scholar that he is, he goes back to the beginning, tracing executive abuse of power from America’s early days to the present time.

It is easy in our polarized political world to see those opposite us politically as the bad guys. The judge reminds us that there is plenty of evidence showing that all political parties have been guilty and nearly every president has abused their authority. It is up to us to hold our leaders accountable and demand that they uphold the laws on which this great nation was founded upon.

BookLook Bloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.



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