Fact Check: Did Mayor Nabours Forget To Take A Vote On Flagstaff’s Civil Rights Ordinance?

By Elisha Dorfsmith

At tonight’s Flagstaff Candidate Forum hosted by the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, Mayoral candidate James Hasapis used his opportunity to question Mayor Jerry Nabours by asking a procedural question about why Nabours did not take a vote on last year’s Civil Rights Ordinance. Hasapis claimed that the Mayor simply told the crowed that it had passed.

The Mayor responded that there certainly was a vote but was not sure if it was a voice vote or a roll call vote.

Nabours is correct that a vote was indeed conducted and fortunately, for the record, the City archives video of past council meetings for residents to review.

For the first reading there was a very clear voice vote. See 14C at the link below:


For the final reading there was also a very clear voice vote. See 14A at the link below:


To say that Mayor Nabours did not take a vote on the Civil Rights Ordinance is a FALSE statement.

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Mayoral candidates mingle with attendees before tonight’s debate (click to enlarge)


Libertarian Barry Hess Endorses Terry Goddard For Secretary Of State

By Elisha Dorfsmith

The Republican assault on Libertarians and specifically Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Barry Hess is now coming back to bite them. Last week Hess officially endorsed Democrat Terry Goddard for AZ Secretary Of State and issued a statement warning Arizonans about the danger Republican candidate Michelle Reagan poses to voter choice.

Libertarian candidates across the country are currently fighting for survival as Republicans feel the only way they can win elections is by removing competition from the ballot. Michelle Reagan led that charge in Arizona with her push for HB2305 which would have seriously hindered third party ballot access.

The Barry Hess endorsement of Terry Goddard can be found here: