Hess Calls Foul On Debate Exclusion

The following is a press release from the Barry Hess campaign for Governor:


FRAUD ALERT! The East Valley Partnership in conjunction with Gannett (Channel 12, AZCentral.com, The Arizona Republic) and the Chandler Chamber of Commerce; is planning on holding a televised public debate that deprives Arizona voters of their right to see ALL of their Gubernatorial choices that will be on the November ballot, by excluding half the field of four. They intend to host only the Republican-Democrat candidates.

At the same time, The Chandler Chamber of Commerce and the East Valley Partnership are in violation of their tax exempt status as 501 (c)3 organizations which prohibits political bias. My campaign will be following up with the appropriate authorities, as well as checking to see if the candidates, Republican, Doug Ducey, and Democrat Fred Duval appropriately list the (advertising) forum as an in-kind contribution to their respective campaigns.

An actor will be moderating the event, but the decision to exclude the Libertarian and America-Elect candidates is on Rock Arnett, phone # (602) 999-3444. Concerned Citizens can contact him and express their thoughts. They can also contact the East Vally Partnership and the Chandler Chamber of Commerce at: (480) 834-8335, and (480) 963-4571.

This is made all the more interesting when one considers that the Chamber of Commerce just ‘awarded’ the Republican candidate it’s endorsement, and it is rumored that Mr. Hammer (head of the Chamber of Commerce) is being considered as Chief of Staff, should Ducey prevail.


2 thoughts on “Hess Calls Foul On Debate Exclusion

  1. You missed my Press Release, but that’s alright.

    Barry and I are in the same boat here. This first debate is critical because now we become marginalized as ‘not important’. As long as we can make this well known, it might work out for us in the long run. Lemons to lemonade and all that rot.

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