Adam Kwasman In Possible Violation of State Law For Posting Voted Ballot On Facebook

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Congressional District One candidate Adam Kwasman may be in violation of state law for two recent photos he uploaded to his facebook account.

The first photo shows a voted ballot for the LD-11 candidates and Kwasman says:

If you live in LD-11, vote the conservative team: Steve Smith for Senate, Finchem and Leach for House.

The second photo shows a voted ballot for Kwasman in the CD1 race and is captioned by the lawmaker to say:

“I humbly ask you for your vote for Congress on your early ballot.

ARS 16-1018 says that showing a voted ballot to anyone other than an authorized person lawfully assisting the voter is a class 2 misdemeanor.

As of the writing of this article Kwasman’s posts are still on his Facebook Campaign Page and have been there for about 14 hours.

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