Know Your Council And Mayoral Candidates: Years Lived In Flagstaff

By Elisha Dorfsmith

How many years do you have to live somewhere to be considered a local with strong roots in a community? I’m sure everyone has their own opinion but the question comes up fairly often in Flagstaff, especially during heated political discussion.

You’ve probably heard it before. The whole we have too many newcomers in town trying to Phoenix Flagstaff line. And it is true, if you have not been in Flagstaff for very long your vision for Flagstaff may be different from someone who has lived here most of their life and raised a family here.

As we prepare to vote in the next Flagstaff Mayoral and City Council primary, I thought it would be fascinating to examine how many years the various candidates have invested in Flagstaff. Here are the results:

Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours beats the competition by far in years lived in Flagstaff. Nabours has lived here for 40 years and his only challenger this election cycle, James Hasapis, has lived in Flagstaff for 9 years.

On the City Council side, Councilman Scott Overton boasts 39 years in Flagstaff and runner up Jeff Knorr has 31 years under his belt. The other candidates come in as follows:

Mark Woodson: 28 years.
Charlie Odegaard: 27 years.
Celia Barotz: 14 years.
Eva Putzova: 14 years.
Rhett Pepe: 12 years.
Jim McCarthy: 11 years.



2 thoughts on “Know Your Council And Mayoral Candidates: Years Lived In Flagstaff

  1. 36k is compensation for the person who wins the vote for mayor and the compensation for city council persons is $24,000 a year what an insult I’m surprised we don’t see these folks over at the Local homeless shelter beds. unless you are being subsidized by your spouse or parents you can forget having a normal life on these kind of wages here in Flagstaff

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