Kevin Morrow Announces Libertarian Candidacy For Flagstaff Justice Of The Peace

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Libertarian Kevin Morrow has filed paperwork to run as a write in candidate for Flagstaff Justice of the Peace in the August 26th primary. As a write in candidate he will need at least 13 write in votes from Libertarians and Independents who choose to vote on the Libertarian ballot.

Morrow currently serves as a commissioner on the Flagstaff Board of Adjustment and works as a traffic manager for a small local radio station (where he also does a political talk show once a week).

Morrow says the biggest principle of his candidacy is offering voters a choice on the November ballot and not letting this be a one party election (only two Democrats are running this year and only one will move forward after the August primary).

Morrow’s guiding principles and views include:

-Oppose the loss of constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties to felons.

-End the Felony/Misdemeanor distinction altogether.

-Gun ownership is a right. Period.

-All Americans have the right to use force in self defense.

-End the US Drug War.

-Drug use is a medical problem NOT a criminal problem.

-End privatized prisons.

-Remove the government as the definer of ‘marriage’  “Leave it to churches, temples and casinos”.

-The American Judicial System discriminates against the poor and minorities. A Defendant’s right to counsel is not a guarantee of good or even competent council.

Morrow will be launching a website and facebook page for his campaign soon.

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