Know Your Council And Mayoral Candidates: Years Lived In Flagstaff

By Elisha Dorfsmith

How many years do you have to live somewhere to be considered a local with strong roots in a community? I’m sure everyone has their own opinion but the question comes up fairly often in Flagstaff, especially during heated political discussion.

You’ve probably heard it before. The whole we have too many newcomers in town trying to Phoenix Flagstaff line. And it is true, if you have not been in Flagstaff for very long your vision for Flagstaff may be different from someone who has lived here most of their life and raised a family here.

As we prepare to vote in the next Flagstaff Mayoral and City Council primary, I thought it would be fascinating to examine how many years the various candidates have invested in Flagstaff. Here are the results:

Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours beats the competition by far in years lived in Flagstaff. Nabours has lived here for 40 years and his only challenger this election cycle, James Hasapis, has lived in Flagstaff for 9 years.

On the City Council side, Councilman Scott Overton boasts 39 years in Flagstaff and runner up Jeff Knorr has 31 years under his belt. The other candidates come in as follows:

Mark Woodson: 28 years.
Charlie Odegaard: 27 years.
Celia Barotz: 14 years.
Eva Putzova: 14 years.
Rhett Pepe: 12 years.
Jim McCarthy: 11 years.



Kevin Morrow Announces Libertarian Candidacy For Flagstaff Justice Of The Peace

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Libertarian Kevin Morrow has filed paperwork to run as a write in candidate for Flagstaff Justice of the Peace in the August 26th primary. As a write in candidate he will need at least 13 write in votes from Libertarians and Independents who choose to vote on the Libertarian ballot.

Morrow currently serves as a commissioner on the Flagstaff Board of Adjustment and works as a traffic manager for a small local radio station (where he also does a political talk show once a week).

Morrow says the biggest principle of his candidacy is offering voters a choice on the November ballot and not letting this be a one party election (only two Democrats are running this year and only one will move forward after the August primary).

Morrow’s guiding principles and views include:

-Oppose the loss of constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties to felons.

-End the Felony/Misdemeanor distinction altogether.

-Gun ownership is a right. Period.

-All Americans have the right to use force in self defense.

-End the US Drug War.

-Drug use is a medical problem NOT a criminal problem.

-End privatized prisons.

-Remove the government as the definer of ‘marriage’  “Leave it to churches, temples and casinos”.

-The American Judicial System discriminates against the poor and minorities. A Defendant’s right to counsel is not a guarantee of good or even competent council.

Morrow will be launching a website and facebook page for his campaign soon.

August Gubernatorial Debate In Flagstaff

The American Association of University Women, Flagstaff Liberty Alliance, Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, CCRC and many other local groups are joining together to sponsor a gubernatorial debate in Flagstaff next month.

The debate will be held on August 18, at 5:30 pm at the Cline Library at NAU. So far, candidates Barry Hess, Fred DuVal, Ken Bennett, and Frank Riggs have confirmed.

SpeakOut AZ is organizing the event and they say they will be choosing questions for the candidates based on a survey at If you would like your input to be included, fill out the survey and include speakoutflagstaff as the participant code.

The debate is being co-hosted by Flagstaff City Councilman Jeff Oravits and Flagstaff Vice Mayor Coral Evans.