Theatrikos Presents A 1940’s-Themed Fundraising Gala

FLAGSTAFF- The Theatrikos Theatre Company will be hosting a gala event at the DoubleTree (formerly the Woodlands Hotel) in Flagstaff on May 3, 2014, complete with gourmet food and world-class entertainment. The reception will begin at 6:00 PM, followed by dinner at 7:00 PM and a presentation at 8:00 PM.  The theme is “A Nostalgic Look Back to the 1940’s.” Period attire is encouraged, but not required.

Stan Sutherland and Ray Jordan, both members of the Theatrikos board of directors and frequent volunteers for various Northern Arizona nonprofit organizations, will present the evening’s entertainment with the help of other members of the Theatrikos family. Sutherland thinks that the 1940s theme will be a good excuse for people to get dolled up in period clothes and immerse themselves in an iconic era. “The ’40s were interesting, because in addition to being a time of unprecedented tragedy, they were a huge cultural highpoint. Film Noir classics like ‘The Maltese Falcon,’ as well as stuff like ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Citizen Kane’ were being made all in the same brief stretch. There are so many things to draw on from the time: Big Band music, USO shows, WACs and WAVs, the list goes on.” Pianist, composer, and frequent theatrical collaborator Chase Coleman will be performing solo, as well as accompanying numerous special guests who will interpret the classics of the World War II era and beyond. Board secretary and longtime performer and director Linda Sutera is excited to see Coleman perform the hits of this era. “Chase is the perfect person to entertain the crowd with his huge repertoire of tunes from the great American songbook. I especially love Cole Porter, and can’t wait to see how Chase and his collaborators interpret some of my favorite songs.” In addition to the music, Mrs. Sutera and her husband Tony will be directing and performing in the most ambitious production that the Theatrikos Radio Players have ever done, relying solely on live sound effects, with a selection of 1940’s era radio scripts.

Apart from the entertainment, there will be three food options to choose from, consisting of a stuffed chicken breast, grilled salmon, or a vegetarian dish with a stuffed portabella mushroom. Everyone is welcome, but tickets must be reserved quickly, as there are limited spaces available. The cost for attendance is $65 ($35 of which is a tax-deductible donation), and tickets can be purchased online or at the box office during its regular hours of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon until 6 PM. Businesses as well as individuals can also choose to sponsor a table, which seats eight people and is just $450, a savings of $70. The driving force behind this event has been Theatrikos board member Ray Jordan, who is the chairperson of the theatre’s new fundraising committee. “Not many people know how much money it takes to run a theatre group of this size and scope,” according to Jordan. “Ticket prices to shows don’t come close to paying for the operation of theatre, so we need to branch out as much as possible to get funding from different sources, including hosting galas such as this. It is also a good way to showcase what it is that we do in a completely different setting than we are used to.”
Whether you are a longtime Theatrikos supporter, or simply want to see what the theatre is all about, this banquet is the perfect opportunity to get to know our organization and hopefully get involved in the future. If all goes well, this looks like it may not be the last event along these lines. Theatrikos board member and former Flagstaff city councilmen Al White remarked, “Although we initially had modest expectations for the gala, it looks like it will be a much bigger event than we had anticipated. If this one is as successful as it looks, then we plan on making this an annual tradition.” For any questions, organizer Drew Purcell can be reached at or (928) 774-1662. We hope to see you there!


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