Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours Issues Statement On SB1062

By Elisha Dorfsmith

On Tuesday, Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours issued a statement opposing the highly controversial SB1062. Nabours urged the Governor to veto the legislation and underscored his support for an anti-discrimination ordinance passed by the Flagstaff City Council last year. You can read the Mayor’s full statement below:

“I have been asked for my opinion of SB1062. We know that religious organizations are exempt from discrimination laws. It appears that the Legislature was trying to extend that same rule to individuals. The problem is that the religion exemption could be too easily abused by individuals. This bill needs to be vetoed. Further, the Flagstaff City Council unanimously enacted a LGBT non-discrimination ordinance one year ago. If passed, SB1062 could be mis-used to frustrate our local ordinance, and for that reason, too, it should be vetoed.”


Jeff Knorr Announces Run For Flagstaff City Council

For immediate release from Jeff Knorr, candidate for Flagstaff City Council. 
  Local small business owner Jeff Knorr has officially announced his candidacy for Flagstaff City Council in the upcoming 2014 election. 
“I look forward to earning your vote and serving the community .” Knorr stated on Tuesday. 
  Jeff has called Flagstaff his home town for over thirty years and is proud to have 3 generations of family living here. Jeff wants to ensure Flagstaff is a place where our children can live, work, prosper and raise families of their own. Jeff respects and enjoys our outdoor environment and wants to ensure our quality of life for generations to come. 


Learn more about Jeff and let him know what’s important for you and your family here in Flagstaff by visiting www.JeffKnorr4Action.com