Why I Cannot Support Adam Kwasman For CD1

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Oro Valley State Representative Adam Kwasman recently formed an exploratory committee to run for Arizona’s Congressional District 1. Kwasman is slowly but surely shaping up to be the chosen Republican frontrunner. Behind the scenes, the National GOP is quietly paving the way for his expected close race.

Along with the promise of extra support and funding in CD1, the National organization has also pushed Arizona Republicans behind the scenes to pass election law changes that eliminate competition and destroy third parties in Arizona. These changes were recently signed into law by Governor Brewer.

According to azcentral.com, Kwasman makes no effort to hide his strategy to use these new election changes to his advantage. If what they say is true, he clearly expresses that he has no trouble trampling anybody who gets in the way of his desired victory:

“To underscore the political ramifications of HB 2305 and its effect on minor-party candidates, Pierce said an angry state Rep. Adam Kwasman, R-Oro Valley, confronted him after the bill failed. Kwasman said he needed it to pass because he plans to run in CD1 next year, Pierce said.

Kwasman did not return a call seeking comment.”

I don’t trust AZCentral or Steve Pierce so I will leave a little bit of room for Adam Kwasman to explain himself and deny this. Kwasman has thrown up several red flags already (worked for the RAND Corporation etc.) but this one, if true, is unforgivable.

As I have reported in the past, Republicans still blame Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters for Jonathan Paton’s loss to Ann Kirkpatrick in the last election cycle. They say the Libertarian candidate robbed them of their votes. There are a lot of entitlement mentality Republican crybabies who actually think that they own your vote. These politicians believe you’re too stupid to check the right box so they should do it for you by deleting those distracting other options.

My post here will not make me any friends in the Republican party (it will probably make me quite a few enemies) but I believe in integrity and fighting for what’s right above all else.

If Kwasman really is banking on these changes to the law to help him win then he will never have my support.


Arizona State Rep. Adam Kwasman



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