Arizona Libertarian Party statement on Immigration reform


Arizona Libertarian Party issues statement on Immigration reform.

It is the stance of the Arizona Libertarian Party that any attempt by Congress at Comprehensive Immigration Reform must not place any new restrictions on the liberty of American citizens.

Libertarian principles dictate that individuals should be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures and should be freely allowed to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest. Therefore, they shouldn’t be forced to carry ID cards or be tracked in a government database and a peaceful individual shouldn’t need permission from government to work.

Based on our principles, the Arizona Libertarian Party strongly opposes any Immigration reform bill that creates a new National ID card, authorizes a National Biometric Database, mandates employers to enforce immigration laws, or mandates participation in the E-Verify identification program.

We believe these provisions of the Senate immigration reform bill place an undue burden on America’s business community to report their employees to the Federal government or face sanction. They also set a dangerous precedent for the liberty of American citizens by restricting their activity based on failing to appear in a database or failing to carry identification.

The Arizona Libertarian Party condemns attempts by Big Government Democrats and Republicans to sneak through provisions that take away liberty from Americans into a bill that is supposed to deal with Immigration.


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