CCRC Tries To Approve Falsified Minutes/ Change Election Results

By Flagstaff Independent Press Staff

At their January 19th meeting, the Coconino County Republican Committee (CCRC) tried to pass falsified minutes and secretly sneak in a list of State Committeemen that was different from the list announced at their December 15th Statutory Meeting. The minutes were handed out to the body literally moments before a vote was to take place, so nobody had a chance to read them. Unfortunately for CCRC leadership, several members of the body had to leave early and one member pointed out that quorum was lost. The minutes never went to a vote.

According to State Republican officials, since the new list of State Committeemen included in the minutes was not approved by the body, the original list of State Committeemen winners as announced at the December 15th meeting stands.

Below are the scans of the minutes page by page, accompanied by a list of inconsistencies and flat out lies.

(It’s worth pointing out that CCRC Secretary, Troy Campbell who supposedly wrote these minutes was strangely absent at the January 19th meeting where they were to be approved).

minutes 1

Page 1: Look for the following:

“Total of 72 votes (including proxies and in person).”

“Note: It was later discovered that the PC who arrived late was already included in the vote count via proxy so the total vote count remained at 72.”

You will need to remember that on page 2.


“Travis Estes 3rd Vice Chair; nominated by Charles Lyon”

False, Joanna Estes and John Kistler both raised their hand to nominate Travis Estes. Joanna Estes is the one who actually made the motion.

Daniel Vigil nominated for 1st Vice Chair.

You will need to remember this for page two.

minutes 2

Page 2. OK, remember how Page 1 said 72 people were credentialed? That is correct. But somebody in the CCRC doesn’t know math.

2nd Vice Chair: Trudy Wieber 41 Votes, James Burton 32 votes, Daniel Vigil 3 votes.

That’s a total of 76 votes. But wait, page one says (correctly) that Daniel Vigil was nominated for 1st Vice Chair. So this is screwed up. Still, it shows 73 votes when 72 people were credentialed.

But it gets worse.

3rd Vice Chair Richard Mihalik 43 votes, Travis Estes 32 votes.

I’m not a math genius but that’s 75 votes. Only 72 people were credentialed.

Treasurer: Ray Jordan 37 votes. Joanna Estes 36 votes.

That’s 73 votes! Only 72 people were credentialed. Who got the bonus vote? Was it a tie?

“Nominations from the floor for State Committeemen: Hunter Kemmet was nominated by Drake Mitchell.”

Audio recording from the meeting shows that Elisha Dorfsmith nominated Hunter Kemmet.

“It was announced that Final Results would come later as the vote counting was not finished. The weather was deteriorating and members were eager to get home before the roads got worse.”

This is completely false! The results were announced as being FINAL and the vote counting WAS finished!!!!

Chris Campbell, Assistant Sergeant of Arms for the State Republican Party attended the December 15th meeting and this is his response to this portion of the minutes:

“I am however very concerned that I’m being told that what I observed on
Saturday December 15th is not what’s being put in the meeting minutes. For
example, it was never announced that the results of the State
Committeemen election were preliminary; the list of names announced
where the final list.

minutes 3

Page 3. Lastly, attached to the minutes was the newly revised list of State Committeemen that was different from the list announced at the December 15th meeting. Drake Mitchell and John Kistler had been replaced. Kistler was now shown as receiving the least amount of votes.

Here’s the real list of winners that was read at the December 15th meeting:

Rule 14, approved unanimously by the members of the body at that meeting stated:

“The results as announced by the Credentials Committee spokesperson are final. No further discussion will be entertained.”

Also worth reading:

Minutes before the January 19th quarterly meeting, Coconino County Republican PC and Credentials Committee member David Lipinski released a statement to the public that called the new CCRC leadership out on their dirty tricks. That letter can be found here:


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