4,283 Early Ballots Returned So Far In Coconino County

By Flagstaff Independent Press Staff

As of 10-22-2012 the Coconino County elections office has reported 4,283 early ballots returned for the November 6th general election. So far they have issued a total of 35,327 early ballots.

If you are registered to vote in Coconino County and would like to vote early you can stop by the County Elections office on 110 E. Cherry Ave. in Flagstaff during normal business hours.

County Elections Controversy

This week Flagstaff Independent Press received several emails from voters who are concerned about an apparent conflict of interest at the County Elections office. County Elections Administrator Patty Hansen is on the ballot running for County Recorder. Voters are concerned about her overseeing her own election.

As of this posting, the Coconino County Elections Office has not responded to questions. When they do we will post a follow-up story.

Patty Hansen Campaign Literature.



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