Arizona Daily Sun Now Charging For Online Content

By Elisha Dorfsmith

The Arizona Daily Sun started charging a fee for online content today. The cost will be $9.00 a month for online subscribers and $2.00 a month for those who already subscribe to the paper.

News of the fee created quite a stir on social networking sites as visitors to the website were shocked to discover their access to news had been blocked. Many Daily Sun readers vowed to look for alternative free news sources.

In light of the Daily Sun fee, Flag Scanner issued the following statement:

“The Arizona Daily Sun has announced it will start charging for its online content regardless if you receive the newspaper. FLAGscanner will ALWAYS be FREE.”

Flagstaff Independent Press also responded to the news:

“The Daily Sun started charging to view online content today. Flagstaff Independent Press is free and will always be a free source for local news.”

Charging for online content has been very tempting to traditional media sources who have seen a massive decrease in subscribers over the past few years. Unfortunately for them, the general public has come to rely on free online news and many of their readers are more than happy to seek out other free sources.

This afternoon I received this message when I tried to view an article on the Daily Sun website. Even if you subscribe to the newspaper version of the paper you still have to pay a fee to view online content.


One thought on “Arizona Daily Sun Now Charging For Online Content

  1. If the AZ Daily Sun thinks their “lock” on the news is of that value, I wish them good luck! There isn’t ANYTHING in that source that can’t be read elsewhere a week later w/o loss of value.

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