Gary Johnson Campaign Comes To Flagstaff

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Alan Grunberg has been driving the western Gary Johnson “Freedom Van” for the past three weeks up and down the west coast and through Nevada down into Arizona. The western van (affectionately named “Team Freedom”)  is one of four vans driving across the country promoting the campaign of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Thursday, Team Freedom spent the day in Flagstaff with grassroots campaign stops at NAU, Bookmans and the Weatherford Hotel.

“This is probably the best response I’ve got at a college yet.” Grunberg says as he hands out literature at his Gary Johnson table outside the university union at NAU. Even before he has his table set up a short line formes and students enthusiastically scoop up bumper stickers, posters and campaign signs and sign up for the campaign mailing list.

Other students admit that they like Gary Johnson but have reservations. One young student, skateboard in hand, confesses that he would vote for Johnson if he was not afraid it would help Obama get re-elected. “Obama cannot win again.” He says.

Later in the day, in the Bookmans parking lot, an older gentleman drives up and explains that he is a lifelong Democrat and while he likes Gary Johnson he is afraid that Gary will take votes from Obama and help hand the election to Romney.

“I’ve been getting responses like that everywhere I go.” Grunberg explains. “Both sides are afraid Gary Johnson will hurt them. But what we’ve seen is Gary tends to pull votes equally from the left and the right.”

Time will tell what kind of impact Gary Johnson will have on the overall election in November but in the meantime, Team Freedom will be crisscrossing the western states spreading the message of liberty.

Next stop: Kingman, Arizona.

The Gary Johnson Freedom Van turns a lot of heads on the highway as highlighted issues appeal to both sides of the political spectrum.

Don Peavey, a local Gary Johnson Supporter visits the Freedom Van in the Flagstaff Bookmans parking lot.

Alan Grunberg (center) hands campaign literature to passing students outside the student union at NAU.


4 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Campaign Comes To Flagstaff

  1. Don’t be fooled by a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Obama. The Democrats feel the same way, even though they want to vote for Gary Johnson they are waiting until he improves in the polls because they don’t want to Romney to win if they abandon Obama. We need every vote, vote for Gary Johnson now.

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