Ron Paul Supporter Wins Coconino County Precinct 23 Race

Precinct Committeeman Candidate David Lipinski campaigns outside his precinct earlier today. Lipinski is a Ron Paul supporter who faced several other candidates to compete for three open PC spots in Precinct 23. Also running in Precinct 23 was current Coconino County GOP Chairwoman Diana Arendt. Both joined Cathy Smith as the top three finishers.


Coconino County Republican PCs Condemn The State Party

28 elected Coconino County Precinct Committeemen sponsored a resolution this week condemning the State Republican Party for leaving elected delegates out of the State Committeewoman selection process. Among those sponsoring the resolution was Coconino County Republican Committee First Vice Chair Drake Mitchell.

Flagstaff Independent Press broke the story earlier this month after a disturbing letter from State GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey surfaced. The letter explained how the state GOP planned to elect the State Committeewoman through the executive committee rather than through the proper delegate process.

Delegates around the state say they were extremely upset when they discovered that they had been robbed of their rightful vote. County and Legislative District party organizations across Arizona are now proposing resolutions showing their frustration with the State Party.

Coconino County Chairwoman Diana Arendt and former Chair Clark Dierks fought very hard to keep this resolution from being allowed on the floor at today’s monthly meeting. They defended the State party and insisted that the State party could do whatever they wanted regardless of the rules.  In the end, they succeeded in blocking any vote on the resolution.

Supporters of the Resolution say they still plan to send it, along with the names of the 28 sponsors, to Morrissey. They want him to know that a large segment of the Coconino County Republican Party organization is unhappy with the corruption at the State level.

The Resolution reads:


Whereas The Arizona Republican Party provided a convention to conduct the election of a National Committeewoman to the 2012 Republican National Convention.
(Arizona Republican Bylaws Article 6 Section D as it relates to Article 6 Section A)

Whereas the state party election failed to conduct the runoff election for the National Committeewoman at the State Convention.  

Whereas the state party failed to conduct the runoff election for National Committeewoman via mailed ballots as they promised at the State Convention.  

Whereas the state party has now made the decision to appoint a National Committeewoman via the Executive Committee.  

Whereas the state party has stripped the duly elected state delegates of their duties to elect a National Committeewoman. 

Resolved, the party members of the Coconino County Republican Committee condemn the disregard for the duly elected delegates role in the election of the National Committeewoman position.
(Arizona Republican Bylaws Article 6 Section D as it relates to Article 6 Section A)

The proposed Resolution with a list of elected Coconino County PC Sponsors.

Written by Flagstaff Independent Press staff.

AZ GOP Slights Delegates Again

By Elisha Dorfsmith

When the Arizona Republican Party held their State Convention in May, elected delegates around the state voted on a variety of state office positions including the position of  National Committeewoman. Three candidates ran for National Committeewoman and former State Senator Karen Johnson, a Ron Paul supporter, came in first with 329 votes. Her nearest rival received 274 votes. Since no candidate received more than 50% of the vote it was said that a runoff election should be held.

Before a second vote could be taken, Arizona GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey determined that the meeting no longer had a quorum and promised to hold the runoff election through a mail in ballot process. Delegates anxiously awaited further word of the mail in runoff election and never heard anything more about it.

This week, Flagstaff Independent Press acquired the following letter from Morrissey showing that the Arizona GOP plans to completely leave delegates out of the National Committeewoman selection process. This move could infuriate elected delegates statewide who sacrificed time and money to attend the State Convention so they could be involved in the selection process.

The letter reads:

August 3, 2012

To County Chairmen/Chairwomen:

As you know we will be electing a National Committeewoman at the next Executive Committee meeting in September, with a date certain to be announced in the near future.

I ask each of you to submit the name of one state committeeman from your county to serve on a nominating committee which will be chaired by National Committeeman Bruce Ash.

Please submit the names to me by email by close of business on August 10th.

Thank you,

Tom Morrissey

Wade Drops Out Of CD1 GOP Race, Endorses Martin

Doug Wade, a Republican Candidate for Congress in CD1 has officially announced that he is dropping out of the race and endorsing Gaither Martin. Wade spent much of his time and energy campaigning in Flagstaff and his home town of Sedona.

Wade’s exit leaves Gaither Martin, Jonathan Paton and Patrick Gatti to fight for first place in the August 28th primary.

Below is Wade’s message to supporters:

“Dear Friends and Loyal Supporters,

Our Congressional campaign trail has been hard fought-and your support and faith in me has been tremendously uplifting and profound.

The reality of a Congressional race, however, is that there’s a need for adequate funding. Our campaign has done well with limited resources, but it’s become evident that my quest is not going to lead to a victory.

The conservative values that we share and the position that Congressional District 1 needs a fresh face and not a career politician are paramount to the future of our state and our nation. I got into this race because I’ve had enough of career politicians and political opportunists.

And so I’d like to bring your attention to a fine gentleman in this race who has treated our campaign with respect and genuine warmth. His name is Gaither Martin and he is a man who can beat Ann Kirkpatrick in this Congressional race and, more importantly, the man we need in Congress right now.

Throughout this campaign, I’ve come to know Gaither and his family and have come to admire him. I’ve had several personal, frank discussions with him and I am confident he represents the values that we share. He has the character, integrity, and vision we need to get this country back on track.
I am suspending my campaign and I’m asking you to join me in voting for Gaither Martin. Gaither’s campaign has the financial momentum to succeed in this race and he is the only candidate with a clean record who can take on liberal career politician, Ann Kirkpatrick. Electing Gaither Martin as the GOP nominee would pull the rug out from under the Democrats’ strategy because the Democrats are focused on Jonathan Paton, believing he will be the nominee, and have already been exploiting his weaknesses. Gaither Martin can be the solid Republican in Congress from our district who cannot be put at risk by a divisive primary.

***It is with great conviction that I am asking you all to vote for Gaither Martin and give him your support immediately for this Republican Primary.***

I will continue to be part of Republican politics and the conservative cause in Northern Arizona and Yavapai County and will work to build what we started, channeling those energies to get voter support for our beliefs and take back our government from the bureaucrats and liberal voices echoed in the liberal elite media.

Please join me in voting for Gaither Martin and let’s send a message that clearly states Republicans stand up for ethics and solid values.

 May the Lord bless each of you and Grazina and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.  We are better for our journey with you and enriched by your friendship and support.

My warmest regards,

Doug Wade”